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BANG Agency is growing, and now we are looking for an operational Project manager/Production manager who wants to develop and grow with us.

Who is BANG Agency?
We are a mix of advertising, events, PR, content, design, and tech. We are a mix of experience, talent, thoughts, perspectives, collaboration, and ideas. We work with small brands and large brands, new brands and old brands, but all share a common desire to create value and partner in new challenges, dreams, and needs.
Our mission is to always encourage and improve - ourselves, our brands, society, the local coffee shop, and the planet.
We believe in affecting and making things happen. And to make people laugh, cry, buy, try, talk, think, feel, or just be inspired. We don’t always do things the traditional way. We question and challenge how we work, how we think, and how we act – because there is always a better way.
Yes, that's about it. That's BANG.
Who we are looking for?
We're on the hunt for an awesome operational project manager/production manager to join our team. We're looking for someone with at least 3 years of experience in events and/or communication. Bonus points if you've got a background in marketing and/or advertising. We'd love it if you're comfortable working across a bunch of different disciplines like advertising, events, and design and have experience with different types of productions like film, content, and print.
We're a pretty chill team, so we're looking for someone social and down-to-earth. You'll need to be able to work independently but also be a team player. We love initiative and drive, so if you've got that, you'll fit right in. Oh, and we're all about world-class quality, so it's crucial that you're organized and ambitious when it comes to delivering the best possible results.
At BANG, we value will, commitment, and drive the most, but we also see it as an advantage if you:
• Have experience working at an agency.
• Can and feel comfortable successfully leading teams and production processes, preferably within different communication disciplines.
• Have an understanding of digital and social media platforms.
• Can work channel-independent.
• Good knowledge of Microsoft Office.
• Fluent in Swedish and good knowledge of English in both writing and speaking.
What you will do?
• Project and production management of communication efforts, from brief to delivery and evaluation.
• Ensure high service level towards our customers
• Follow-up on budget, outcome, quality, and delivery per assignment
• Work towards good profitability in the projects
• Function as a link between internal/external resources and our customers
• Ensure that time reporting is filled in and compile data for invoicing
• Keep track of correction rounds and approvals
Our Values
Freedom & Security. It's up to us. Because we have freedom and security. We are free to be brave, to take risks, to shake things up, to not be like others, to do things our way, and to create something new. And we are free to fail. Because we are secure, we always do it together. We win as a team and lose as a team. Period.
Fun & Responsibility. When we have fun, we get better. Life and work become easier. But we won't have fun every second. That's just the way it is. However, we can take responsibility every second. Take responsibility for always delivering. And take responsibility for helping each other at work. We are each other's suppliers too.
Influence & Action. We affect people. That's our job. To meet others. To make someone laugh, cry, buy, change their mind, be provoked, or just be amazed. We simply influence others. You can't take that lightly. That's why we act when someone needs to act. We don't clench our fists in our pockets; we stand up for what we believe in. We act to include and to make our work good for society, our planet, and of course, for each other.
Sound like a good fit? Let's chat!

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