AI.Don’t fear it, embrace it.

2024 might just be the year when creativity meets artificial intelligence and is transforming the advertising industry. But won't AI replace human jobs, some might think? Not as long as you know how to use it, says Max Rosell, our Art Director at BANG Agency.

It's all about keeping up with and taking advantage of the technology. Just like when Photoshop popped up, suddenly you could turn a blue car red in a minute. AI can revolutionize the way we create ads. Over the past year, platforms like Midjourney have become invaluable tools for me as a creative professional. The platform has allowed me to immerse myself in the world of AI-generated images. Sure, they often have a specific "AI feel" to them, but that inspired me to experiment. I skipped sharpness and colour and embraced blurriness, ambiguity, and graininess. Suddenly, I discovered a whole new kind of beauty in the images. And it didn't stop there – with Runway Gen-2, I created AI-generated videos in no time. Now, with Open AI’s newest addition Sora, I’m itching to dive in and explore even more. Quick drafts, storyboards and animatics? Check!
I can now easily and quickly create drafts for my clients, which allows me to focus more on creative ideas. AI has allowed me to increase my efficiency and realize my artistic visions, Max continues.
At BANG Agency, we're all in on the AI revolution. We strive to be part of the race by understanding and seizing every opportunity it presents. As we gear up for another year of groundbreaking work in AI, we're fueled by the prospect of unlocking even greater creative potential. AI may still not be able to generate innovative concepts for our clients. Still, it paves the way for creative professionals to dive deeper into what we love most – being creative and cooking up ideas like never before. Here's to another year of pushing the boundaries and reshaping the future of advertising with AI.

An illustration showcasing character design crafted through the use of artificial intelligence.

An AI-powered fashion shoot delving into motion design exploration.

AI-driven photography capturing the New York City Subway system during the 1980s.

AI-powered photography capturing portraits of the staff members at the security company Tarantsec.


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