Mall of Scandinavia.Unexpected ECO.

Mall of Scandinavia is Scandinavia's largest shopping centre with a focus on fashion retail. Our task was to increase the number of customer members in the target group of young, urban women and men in Stockholm with a taste for style and a knack for environmental vibes.

That said, the fashion industry has some baggage in the carbon emission department. But guess what? We're here to spill the tea on how being eco-friendly can be a breeze – just think reuse, people!
BANG developed the "ECO Fashion" concept. In a series of inspirational videos on social media, together with entrepreneur Michaela Forni, we encouraged the target audience to recycle their clothes with the message "Make space" for Eco Fashion. Recyclers had the chance to win a full day of Eco-fashion shopping with Michaela Forni at the Mall of Scandinavia. The campaign revolved around Sweden's first interactive recycling station in the mall's centre. Michaela popped up on the screens each time someone recycled with a greeting and a 'victory dance'.
And the cherry on top? All those recycled textiles went straight to Human Bridge for humanitarian work worldwide. Mall of Scandinavia managed to shine a light on sustainable fashion and do good simultaneously. Nice, right?


Textilgatan 33

120 30, Stockholm


+ 46 (0)706 52 31 30


Klosterstræde 9

1157, Copenhagen


Brand Arena Nordic Group Agency AB.

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