Norrenergi.The RagSock.

Norrenergi supplies sustainable district heating to the communities of Solna and Sundbyberg. In line with our recent communication concept, "Making Solna and Sundbyberg a Little Warmer," we are committed to go beyond providing heat. We aim to engage and be a meaningful contributor to Solna and Sundbyberg neighborhoods.

Purpose and goals: Warm feet are a luxury not everyone enjoys, particularly the homeless, whose numbers are sadly on the rise. To address this, we've initiated a warming initaive: knitting wool socks. The project is a collaboration with local enthusiasts eager to extend a helping hand to those in need. We sell the hand-knitted socks at and various local events, and all profits are directed to Stockholms Stadsmission. By providing the necessary materials and offering knitting lessons, we invite the entire community to contribute.
The Brief: The typical advertising narrative for district heating is boring and generic, often showcasing people enjoying tea, cats luxuriating on radiators, and the comfort of warm showers. Our task was to be different. The RagSock initiative demonstrate Norrenergi’s commitment to spread warmth and highlight our role as an important part of the Solna and Sundbyberg communities.


Textilgatan 33

120 30, Stockholm


+ 46 (0)706 52 31 30


Klosterstræde 9

1157, Copenhagen


Brand Arena Nordic Group Agency AB.

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