Norrenergi.Streamed heat is the future.

District heating is a climate-smart energy system which heats more than half of all buildings in Sweden. It was district heating that helped get rid of the dirty carbon and made our cities cleaner. It’s locally produced and delivered through a network of pipes, transporting hot water that heats up the buildings.

Norrenergi wanted to raise awareness of what district heating is and why it is so smart and sustainable.
Norrenergi talks about district heating as ‘streamed heat’ - like a streaming services for movies and series. Our task was to come up with the advertising concept that could talk about district heating in a new way. Not so rational and technical. But with humor and yes, of course, warmth.
And then when we found him: The District heat guy – district heating's biggest fan – and also a divorced dad. He is obsessed with district heating. His two daughters, who live with him every two weeks, think that their father is a bit… eccentric! But of course they love him and accept his unusual fascination. (Though they would probably rather have streamed films than streamed heat).


Textilgatan 33

120 30, Stockholm


+ 46 (0)706 52 31 30


Klosterstræde 9

1157, Copenhagen


Brand Arena Nordic Group Agency AB.

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