Dom Pérignon.Dark Harmony.

In collaboration with Moët Hennessy, BANG arranged the launch of Dom Pérignon 2013, blending the brand's rich heritage with a flair of modern elegance. Inspired by Dom Pierre Pérignon, the pioneering monk known for perfecting winemaking, the event was a tribute to the legacy of this iconic luxury brand.

Our creative concept, "Dark Harmony", merged the monastic heritage with modern, artistic elements. Hosted in Gotland, Visby, the launch spanned across three locations: a lunch at Högklint, a champagne tasting at Helge And, and a majestic dinner in the ruins of St Karin. Transforming these ruins into a luxurious setting was a challenge met with creativity and precision, resulting in a setting that truly reflected Dom Pérignon's heritage. The event, attended by 40 VIPs including top Nordic winemakers, featured elements like acrobatics, a male choir, and a striking grand piano finale.
This launch not only captured Dom Pérignon's luxury and exclusivity but also gained notable social media buzz and coverage in ELLE Sweden, marking it as an unforgettable and influential celebration of one of the world's most renowned champagne brands.


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