Swedish Armed Forces.500th anniversary.

BANG got the call-up to assist the Swedish Armed Forces in planning and executing their most recent milestone – their 500th anniversary. It’s not every day you get to celebrate a 500th anniversary. On site at Gärdet, we wanted to offer a glimpse into the Army’s journey from past to the cutting-edge present. It’s not just about history. It’s about building bridges with the community, showcasing the Armed Force’s evolution, and creating a sense of confidence and understanding in the modern world.

The main object was to handle the logistics, setting the stage for an estimated 100,000 attendees with no precise headcount. From water stations to power grids, we built a bulletproof infrastructure to handle it all. Plus, we crafted a sleek visual identity for the Army’s 500th bash, plastering it across everything from banners to digital screens, making sure Gärdet was Army-ized from top to bottom.
The event was a bang-on success. The day was packed with action, parades, live tunes, military displays, relevant exhibitors from the defense industry and a wide range of food and drinks. With around 100,000 people soaking it all in, it was a milestone moment for the Army and a celebration to remember.

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