Swedish Armed Forces. Pride booth – show who you are.

For Pride 2023, BANG was again honoured to collaborate with the Armed Forces to devise a trailblazing concept aligning with the festival's theme, "Celebrate Diversity". Our event concept, "Show Who You Are", aimed to reshape perceptions of the Armed Forces, addressing findings from a Beyond survey that indicated a need for image transformation among the LGBTQI community.

Under the heading "Show who you are", participants were invited to take a picture of themselves and celebrate diversity with the Armed Forces. The visitors could choose the image's colour and were encouraged to put the picture on the wall next to the text: "We defend the right to be who you are. With a will of steel." This wall became a symbol of the Armed Forces' commitment to inclusivity. Informational displays highlighted their efforts towards diversity, and the staff facilitated meaningful conversations with visitors.
The campaign attracted nearly 8,000 visitors, with about 500 engaging in deep conversations. This interaction helped alter perceptions of the Armed Forces, earning them an 'authenticity' award from Stockholm Pride. The success of Pride 2023 underscored the Armed Forces' dedication to embracing diversity, marking a significant step towards a more inclusive and representative society.

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