The Armed Forces.Airshow Day.

The Swedish Armed Forces are all about transparency. The activities must be as open and visible to the public as possible. One of their recurring events is The Armed Forces Air Show Day, Sweden's largest one-day event. In 2022, it was organized by Uppland Wing, F16.

Embracing the resounding theme of "Take height for freedom," BANG was entrusted with a mission: to unleash impactful communication, captivating audiences before, during, and after this grand extravaganza. Our objective was crystal clear—to ensure that our messaging resonated effortlessly, inspired, and captivated audiences of all ages. Additionally, we were asked to provide valuable assistance in media production.
Our approach was simple, yet effective - we injected excitement, fun, positivity, and knowledge into the hearts and minds of our targeted priority group. We accepted the challenge of identifying and engaging this specific audience head-on, employing innovative strategies that defied convention. Collaborating hand-in-hand with Uppland Wing, we created a dedicated world within the air show, offering activities and riveting competitions that ignited a newfound fascination for the Armed Forces and the Air Force alike.
The day itself was filled with fast-paced air shows, captivating exhibitions, and meaningful interactions. The event exceeded all expectations, and we take great pride in having played a pivotal role in its success. BANG!


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