Swedish Armed Forces.Veterans Day.

Few occasions hold as much solemnity and significance as Veteran’s Day. On the 29th of May, citizens gather to honor and pay tribute to our brave veterans. The state ceremony at Gärdet is a deeply moving experience, from the heartfelt tributes at the Veteran’s Monument to the companionship during dinner followed by entertainment. The aim is that veterans and other deployed Swedish government personnel are perceived as Proud, Respected and Valuable.

BANG was proud to collaborate with the Swedish Armed Forces in supporting the production of this important event, where history meets honor. The project was logistically demanding and required a lot of planning with different suppliers. Our role involved planning, coordinating, and implementing production across various areas - infrastructure, food and beverages, printing, entertainment and even livestream production.
The verdict? A resounding success. The Swedish Armed Forces, and indeed the entire nation, hailed the day as a triumph of honor and remembrance. From positive feedback from the leadership to the attendee’s jubilation, every aspect of the event garnered praise and appreciation. As the day closed on Veteran’s Day, we reflected on the privilege of being entrusted with such a significant ceremony. Our partnership with the Swedish Armed Forces resulted not only in a successful event, but also in a lasting legacy of reverence and appreciation for our nation’s veterans.

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